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Hey guys, in my journal I mainly rant, however I also use that area to express some of my erotic stuff out.

Here is a story, and I put it under the cut, so I wouldn't offend anyone. I am sorry, if it hurts anyone's feelings or offends.

Whispered Worship

For a moment, just for a moment, she wondered if she could be saved. For she was drowning, sinking quickly, being engulfed. Drowning slowly in those eyes, that bright-blue gaze surrounded her. Did she even want to be saved?

She didn't know what, but something was happening, deep in her belly, a desperate throbbing so foreign it almost frightened her. Shudders of heat and shocking electric waves pulsed in her abdomen.

He gently placed a kiss in the palm of her hand. Breathlessly, she stood there on shaky legs, her mind a jumble. There was so much to say. Did she tell him that she loved him, that no man had ever touched her like this? Heart or flesh?

Her love for him was joyous, yet heavy with compassion. And instead of being concerned with saving herself, she became concerned with saving the moment. The moment in which her love knew no boundaries, and her body sang the tune of pure love as her blood pounded.

But before she could utter a word, his hands were on her belly, wet heat pressing through to her skin.

He angled his head, took her mouth to his and tasted. He gently removed her bra from under her shirt, then filled his hands with her, taking her nipples between his fingers, tugging sweetly.

"Yes." The word escaped her mouth, a whimper.

And then, as though he knew she ached, knew just where she ached, he let his hand slide, down, down her belly, dipping inside her soft cotton underwear, searching for a spot that even she wasn't fimiliar with.

Instinct drove her forward. Hunger drove her forward. Her breath caught.

His gaze darkened as he looked into her eyes. "Do you want this?"

"I want you," she said.

Under the brillant white moonlight, he could see her trembling and drenched with need. She stripped off her tank-top and tossed it to the floor.

She was naked from the waist up, but his gaze never flickered from her eyes. "You're so dangerously beautiful."

He removed her panties and his own clothes, all in seconds. Then he stood at the foot of the bed, and looked down at where she had sat down.

Her eyes moving over him possessively. His kind face, and eyes. His beautiful body...she blushed, "so are you." She opened her arms, "come here."

Quivering, she waited as he moved over her, then sighed as he nuzzled her breast. He made soft circles, untill he finally found the center, the tip. Her cry echoed through the moonlit room as he took her into his mouth, as he sucked and tortured and nipped. The sensation so shockingly wonderful she near wiggled off the bed.

But he held onto her.

With her mind a rainbow of colour, she whimpered, her hands searching for him. And she found him. Thick and hot, she held him in her hand.

He kissed her softly on the mouth, then slid into her body.

She gasped then cried out.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No." She arched her hips to show him that all the pain was gone, felt the delicious throb and sighed.

He moved slowly within her, easing himself deeper and deeper, listening as she softly cried for more.

Heart-warming pleasure wiggled through their bodies, as she swung her hips back and forth, taking him fully, urging him to move faster and put her out of this sweet misery.

Suddenly, torrents of electric heat rushed her from all sides. Desperate to dive directly into the center of it, she thrust her hips up, muscles tight, fingers gripping sheets.

When the scream of orgasm ripped through her body, he followed her over the edge of that endless cliff.

Minutes later, still holding onto one another. She started to wonder if he too felt the same way she felt for him. But before she had the opportunity to ask, "I love you very much," danced in the air.

He loved her, very much.

She felt safe in his arms, completely covered in his "whispered worship." It was a perfect first time.
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